144 MHz station - 4 x16el - 1KW



Time to get back on 2m EME.

It has been almost a decade since I got 100 DXCC on 2m and decided to concentrate on HF and 6m band. That has changed now and a temporary setup was build to be able to work a few expeditions. The 2m EME scene has grown over last 10 years so have some catching up to do.

Even with a small setup one can participate in the EME game, but the final setup will not be small. I've had a number of arrays in the past, 4x9el, 4x17B2, 8x17B2, 4x WX228 and my last array was 8x 2M18XXX, that was really a great performer.

So ON4GG and me decided to run a small setup till I can get something decent on top of the tower. Construction of this new big frame is about to start, still trying to locate a number of materials.

I decide NOT to go for cross polarity, mainly because of mechanical issues involved. putting 4 cross yagi on top of a 24m tower, on top of a hill is NOT a good idea..

Elevation and azimith rotators are alreay here, 36" jack for elevation and a PST61 for azimuth.

End of May most of frame should be welded and I can start cutting and measuring the phase lines, all 1/2" hardline.

More details to follow